The Famous Dixons - MASTER SERIES

The Blue Ox Babes - Apples and Oranges
Go Discs, 1988
Cassette (Z GOLP 14 2)

Side A:
It Could Have been Love
Walking on the Line
Apples and Oranges
East to West

Side B:
She's So Strong
Gregory's Right
There's No Decieving You
Thought As Much
Ballad of the Blue Ox Babes

Kevin Archer: Vocals, Guitar
Yasmin Saleh: Vocals, Percussion
Steve Shaw: Violin
Pete Wain: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Nick Smith: Sax, Penny Whistle
Steve Wynne: Bass
Ian Pettitt: Drums, Percussion
Geoff Blythe: Sax
Jim Patterson: Trombone
Dave Bishop: Sax
Mark Feltham: Harmonica
Pete Wingfield: Additional Keyboards, Backing Vocals