The Celtic Soul Brothers
Mercury, March 1982
7 inch single (DEXYS 8)

Side A:
The Celtic Soul Brothers

Side B:
Love Part Two

As the fifties turned into the sixties Giorgio Kilkenny was born on a boat from New York bound for Liverpool. His Italian mother and Irish father grew up, met and married in the Bronx. In 1963 the family settled in the West Midlands where they have been ever since. Mrs. Maria Kilkenny intended her son to be a priest, Giorgio's father wanted him to be a boxer. Giorgio Kilkenny and his bass guitar joined the Midnight Runners in October 1981.

"Good morning my name is Paul Speare. I am also quite often refered to as Snaker or Spearsey. I am 6ft 2ins tall and my hobbies include running and drinking (strong tea.) I managed to sneak a bit of flute onto this record which I am proud of."

Mickey Billingham (who plays Piano and Accordian on this title) was, to say the least, a slightly affected panto MC, when he decided to leave the world of theatical and stage folk to get down to some serious show business. In November 1981, Mickey with the Midnight Runners realised his life long ambition by gracing the stage of London's Old Vic Theatre, says Mickey "It was the most wonderful experience of my life." He has a message for his public, "I Love You All."

Billy Adams - "I struck and plucked the Banjo on this title. I joined the group a year ago, and from then til now I have trained and sweated and perfected my craft. The training is over and now I am strong. I won't lie easy until the Midnight Runners are where they want to be, which is a long way from where they are now."

Seb Shelton - the hardest working man in Show Business. Seb plays the drum and enjoys arguing and shouting at Billy.

I am Brian Maurice, I often play the alto sax but I didn't play on this record, my ambition is to overcome my fear of women and to perform on the Group's future records.

Big Jimmy Paterson's undeniably Scottish roots served as a reference point in the quest for the Heart of the Celtic Soul.

Kevin Rowland, a well known song and dance man. Also claims to be of Celtic origin.

The fiddles on this title were played by "The Emerald Express" Helen O'Hara, Steven Brennan & Roger MacDuff.