The Bureau - Only For Sheep
WEA Records 1982
LP (XWEA 58357)

Side A:
Only For Sheep
The First One
Sentimental Attachment
Got To Be Now
Looking For Excitement

Side B:
Let Him Have It
Find a Way
Bigger Prize
The Carpetbaggers

Andy Growcott: Percussion
Pete Williams: Bass/Vocals
Rob Jones: Guitar/Trumpet/Vocals
Archie Brown: Lead Vocals
Mick Talbot: Keyboards/Vocals
Paul Taylor: Trombone
Steve Spooner: Alto sax
J.B. Blythe: Tenor Sax

All together, looking tough and taut, meaning business, working off traditions, going for the jugular, the Bureau have the power. Musically, you see the connection with the Dexy soul vision, and with soul itself, but the way it comes out is fiery and original. Breaks on sax that have a wildness wailing back across generations of balck music/ chords that build and build to suddenly BAAOWWWW out of the speakers like nothing you've heard outside of the movies, and Archie Brown stamping on the monitors and crying/shouting/testifying.

The Bureau aren't a finished product. In fact they're only starting - but to judge them from this righteous display, the potential is literally enormous. The bouncers are none too crazy about people dancing in the Sportsman's inn, but the feet just couldn't stop, the surge blew bugle and the tables surrendered. Call this a rising if you want, call it anything - but the crowd washed out the doors in their own lather, and round here they call that great.
- Dermot Stokes "Hot Press"