The Famous Dixons - RADIO ONE

1980-1982 The Radio One Sessions
Nighttracks, 1995
CD (CDNT 009)

Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
       This version is improved by Andy Leek's keyboard playing.
Let's Make This Precious
       This has a much better feel than the Too-rya-ay version. It was recorded in 1981 when the group was far more powerful.
       Shows how the group could play.
Until I Believe In My Soul
       I much prefer this version to the one on Too=rye-ay which never sounded right, no real focus. I had forgotten what this song was all about when we came to record it, which is the reason for putting out this LP of earlier versions.
Liars A to E
       Well done Kev.
Jackie Wilson Said
       This sounds quite lively but it's my least favorite song on Too-rye-ay and is really only here to make up the numbers.
All In All (This One Last Wild Waltz)
       On hearing this version I remember what the song was about.
       This has a better structure than the LP version.
- Kevin Francis Rowland

Line up Track 1
Kevin Rowland: Lead vocals
Kevin Archer: Guitar / vocals
JB: Tenor Saxaphone
Steve Spooner: Alto Saxaphone
Pete Williams: Backing vocals
Stoker: Drums
Andy Leek: Organ / vocals
Jim Patterson: Trombone

Line up Tracks 2 - 5
Kevin Rowland: Lead vocals
Jim Patterson: Trombone
Mick Billingham: Organ / vocals
Billy Adams: Guitar / Backing vocals
Steve Wynne: Bass / Backing vocals
Seb Shelton: Drums
Paul Speare: Tenor Saxaphone
Brian Maurice: Alto Saxaphone

Line up Tracks 6 - 8
Kevin Rowland: Lead vocals
Seb Shelton: Drums
Billy Adams: Guitar / Backing vocals
Mick Billingham: Organ / vocals
Giorgio Kilkenny: Bass
Helen O'Harra & Steve Brennen: Fiddle
Nick Gatfield: Alto & Tenor Saxaphone
Mark Walters: Trombone